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son_art's Journal

South Of Nowhere Artwork Community
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This is a community for your viewing pleasure; SoN artists can post their artwork right here! Any couple, character goes as long as it doesn't involve bashing a character.

1. LJ-Cuts... use them wisely

2. Tag your posts for better search

3. Format as follow !important!:
Title: (if it has one)
Artist: (that would be YOU... if someone else is the artist... ask permission)
Tools: (what did you use to make it)
Pairing: (to state the obvious)
Sources: (where did you get the images/etc)
Disclaimer: (your disclaimer here)
Screencap: (here you place your screencap with a link to the BIGGER image)

4. If you are looking for fanfiction; son500 and southof_fic are two places I recommend

5. Play nice when leaving feedback.

6. Just have fun and be creative!